Appellation Petaluma

  • Status:
    In Development
  • Location:
    Petaluma, CA
2 Petaluma Blvd S, Petaluma, CA 94952
Appellation Petaluma

Building Area


Hotel Keys


Stories with Occupiable Rooftop Element


On-Site Parking Stalls

2,350 sq ft

Interior Dining Space on the first floor

9,000 sq ft

Charlie Palmer Signature Restaurant

7,000 sq ft

Rooftop Event Space

1,685 sq ft

Interior Event Space

The Appellation Petaluma will blend past and present in the heart of Petaluma’s Historic Downtown. At the intersection of Petaluma Boulevard and B Street, guests and locals alike will be welcomed into an iconic hotel that blends seamlessly into the fabric of their neighborhood. Home to a corner restaurant and bar, the ground floor of the Appellation Petaluma will invite guests to feel like a part of the community, mingling with locals visiting their new favorite spot for dinner and a drink.

The rooftop will be Petaluma’s newest and most sought-after event space. With sweeping views of the city, the nearby river, and surrounding hills, the top floor will balance indoor and outdoor space with operable walls and awest-facing trellis, serving as the perfect backdrop to any event.


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