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EKN Development specializes in developing timeless projects that capture the essence of the local community and personifies the spirit of each location. EKN believes in creating transformative places that provide a location for human connection and enrichment. Guided by our creative vision and decades of experience, we deliver human-centric, state-of-the-art resorts and projects that transcend materiality.

To deliver on our vision, we capitalize on our distinct expertise to pursue unique locations with diverse demand drivers and high barriers-to-entry. EKN is dedicated to creating the outstanding spaces of tomorrow that draw visitors and locals together, encourage economic growth, and stand the test of time.


In 1995, Ebbie K. Nakhjavani founded Terafirma Development group with a focus on retail and commercial development. Terafirma became EKN Development in 2012 when we shifted our focus to the booming hospitality sector. We designed a systematic real estate development process that decreases exposure to risk while maximizing returns on investment.

In 2021, EKN successfully opened 4 hotels and secured over $700 million in debt: a feat unheard of during the global pandemic. Today, we’ve expanded our asset class to include condo and family essential resorts to leverage the growth toward resort driven experiences.

EKN currently has over 1,900 keys under active development comprised of over $60 million developed and operating, over $100 million currently under construction, and over $400 million in mid-late phases of development.


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