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EKN specializes in rapidly growing markets with heightened demand and high barriers-to-entry. From adding much needed space for increasing tourism to home-away-from-home extended stay hotels, our projects bolster burgeoning economies and provide unparalleled experiences for residents, guests, and investors alike.

Leveraging our national network and decades of experience, EKN’s diversified and premier project portfolio delivers above market, risk-adjusted returns to our investors while advancing communities and fortifying relationships in various markets throughout the country.

After identifying opportunity through meticulous analysis, EKN develops, builds, and distinguishes projects with one of four institutionally traded brands: Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and Marriott. When construction is completed, we employ premier and bonafide third-party management companies to operate our projects.

From start to finish, EKN is committed to producing the outstanding and comfortable spaces of tomorrow that draw visitors, encourage economic growth, and yield returns across the board.

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