ALDEA, a Grand Canyon Resort

  • Status:
    In Development
  • Location:
    Tusayan, AZ
549 Camper Village Ln, Tusayan, AZ
ALDEA, a Grand Canyon Resort

329,000 Sq Ft

Building Area


Hotel Keys

15,000 Sq Ft

Food experience

3,000+ Sq Ft

Retail Space


Workforce housing units

The Grand Canyon Resort is a 20-acre parcel that lies at the door to the Grand Canyon in the town of Tusayan, AZ. The community’s history dates back almost to the beginning of Grand Canyon National Park in 1919. Tusayan offers a true western experience right next to one of the most popular entry points to the National Park, the South Rim, commonly known as the “True Grand Canyon.”

Development will begin with two hotels offering 450 hotel rooms to visitors drawn to the thrilling adventure and breathtaking views that await them at the National Park.

After exploring all the Grand Canyon has to offer, visitors will be welcomed home to relax and experience the Grand Canyon Resort. The mixed-use site will include a variety of dining options, retail, and entertainment opportunities perfect for families such as outdoor concerts and events nestled next to one of the most unique settings in North America.

The South Rim hosts nearly five million visitors a year, but existing lodging and visitor services have been severely limited and unable to meet even a small fraction of the intense market demand generated by the national park. The Grand Canyon Resort will provide the much needed world-class amenities and lodging options long overdue for this world-renowned destination

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